Memories of Tynemouth Borough Police and the communities it served. North Shields, Tynemouth & Cullercoats
by Ken Banks

’Offbeat’ recalls the old days of Tynemouth Borough Police from its inception on the 1st January 1850 until its demise on 31st March 1969.

The author is a former policeman - Ken Banks, PC 7 Tynemouth Police - and he tells the story of the force’s early days when there were bobbies on the beat and police boxes instead of radios. Ken also recalls the part the police played in the local community and the acts of bravery carried out by local officers. The early days of police cars are remembered as well as some of the funnier moments experienced by police men and women.

It seeks to highlight the part played by the police, not only in law enforcement, but perhaps more importantly, as an integral part of local society over a period of 119 years.

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