Monkseaton Village – Volume One

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by Charlie Steel

Monkseaton has a long historical past, and dates back to at least the 12th century, when it was simply known as ‘Seton’. This is probably a derivative of the words ‘Sea’ and ‘Tun’, ie: the village being near to the sea, and a tun, meaning a hill or rise. When King Henry I granted lands to the Prior of Tynemouth c.1106, the name was altered to ‘Seton Monachorum’. The prefix ‘Monk’ is often found in connection with places belonging to religious houses, and so in this case it became known as Monk Seaton, or Seaton of the Monks.

Despite the fact that over the past 80 years, Monkseaton Village has been absorbed into the urban confines of the nearby town of Whitley Bay, its history pre-dates that town by many years, and to anyone who resides in Monkseaton, the place is still referred to as ‘The Village’.

This is Volume One, which is illustrated with maps and photographs, and gives an overview of the development of the village from its early origins as a farming community through to the present day.

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