Saltwell Park – The story of the ‘People’s Park’

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by Anthea Lang

Saltwell Park is loved by locals and admired by visitors and is one of Gateshead’s major attractions. This book explores its history, features, stories and people and looks at how it developed from an industrialist’s private estate to become the beautiful park it is today.

Saltwell Park is regarded as one of the finest public parks in Great Britain and the best municipal park in the North East. Grade II listed by English Heritage, it contains 12 Grade II listed buildings, chief of which is the fairytale castle which we know today as Saltwell Towers. A £10 million restoration, funded by Gateshead Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund was completed in 2005, and in the same year the park was voted Britain’s best park.

For nearly 140 years, many people in and around Gateshead have visited the park which has seen new features added (and often subsequently removed) in line with changing needs and fashions.

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